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My painting has only one admiror

In 1973 I bought my first and only painting to date. Costs 450 guilders. I was so proud. It hung in the living room above the leather sofa. It appeared I was the only one who liked it. Temporary courtships, such as Lena, Gerrie, Dicky, Sonja, Josée, neighbor, not counting the overnight ‘sjiks’, did not have the position to be allowed a judgement of my painting. The ironing and cleaning staff, sometimes falling under the category of temporary girlfriends, was also not entitled to vote.

But the signature was not put in my marriage contract with Monique and the painting was already in the attic. The status of the painting did not changed even at the time of my marriage to Elizabeth. It can be said that my painting for over 30 years has not seen daylight. Attics, barns and between panels was the designated location where the painting between junk and other banned material was stored.

I must admit that this painting does not deserve a place next to Rembrandts ‘The Night Watch’ or next to the Mona Lisa. As part of the educational process I dragged my children to the Rijksmuseum, the Louvre Museum, the Tate Museum and the National Gallery. From this awareness and appreciation for art, although this did not led to the purchase of one year subscription of museums, they also have an opinion of my painting. They just don’t talk about it.

The painting now hangs again in a prominent place. Carefully stripped from dust and fly shit it looks proudly into the room. It is an oil on canvas, painted with a knife. Woodland scenes with a pond at sunset, although the sun is not visible, yet the ocher yellow and red tones are. The light reflects in a pond suggesting that the artist got wet feet while painting.

The name of the painter is unknown, the general appreciation of this painting has accumulated suggesting that this is not a famous master. Certainty on this matter does not exist.

A type of birch tree and a few other trees and shrubs make it clear that this is a piece of wood that does not fall under State Forest or raked by a regional nature monuments dictatorship. It’s just really a great forest. Viewing by appointment only.

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