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Professional cleaning of (public) toilets

Material Required

  • Professional cleaning cart with mop system.
  • Rubber gloves.
  • EPA registered cleaner/disinfectant.
  • Glass cleaner
  • (yellow) Restrooms closed sign.
  • Toilet brush.
  • Scourer.
  • Red sanitary cloths (blue ones are used for other cleaning tasks).
  • Stock of toilet paper, paper towels/ cloth towels and hand soap.
  • Pencil and paper.


  • Wear rubber gloves before you start cleaning the toilets.
  • Place the ‘restroom closed’ sign at the entrance.
  • Ventilate the restroom, open the doors and open the windows if any present.
  • Check the appearance of the restroom.
  • Make note of any damage or defects.
  • Pick up any debris on the floor, around the sink and toilet/urinal areas.
  • Check garbage cans and recycling bins. If they are full or nearly full, remove the trash can/ plastic bag and replace with a new one.
  • Check soap, toilet paper, and paper/linen towel dispensers and make sure they are properly stocked.
  • Clean the mirrors with glass cleaner a sanitary cloth and dry with a paper towel.
  • Clean with a sanitary cloth and cleaner/disinfectant all doorknobs, toilet – and urinal handles and basin taps.
  • Check all sides and doors and remove any stains with a sanitary cloth.
  • Clean the sinks using cleaner/disinfectant, a scourer and the sanitary cloth, rinse with water.
  • Clean the interior of the urinals with the toilet brush using cleaner/disinfectant, clean the exterior of the urinals with the sanitary cloth with cleaner disinfectant. Flush the urinals.
  • Clean the interior of the toilets with the toilet brush with cleaner/disinfectant, clean the outside of the toilets with a sanitary cloth using cleaner disinfectant. Clean with the sanitary cloth the top and the underside of the seat. Flush the toilets.
  • Mop the floor with the mop with cleaner/disinfectant.
  • Wash hands and dry thoroughly.
  • Allow the entire area to dry before re-using the restroom.
  • Collect the cleaning equipment and remove the ‘restrooms closed sign’.


Toilets and urinals: to remove lime and urine deposits use a special cleaner.

Apply the liquid disinfectant by squirting it under the rim of the toilet bowl and around it as well. Make sure that the cleaner reaches the area under the lip of the bowl.

Let the liquid start running down the sides of the bowl. Allow it to soak for a while

Scrub the interiors of the bowl with the help of a toilet brush. Brush the bowl thoroughly, so that you get rid of the mineral stains accumulated along the water level.

Flush the toilet bowl to rinse it. Continue scrubbing the bowl as the water drains from the bowl. Repeat the process of brushing, for a couple of times, to rinse the seat thoroughly.


The need of an acid bowl cleaner is determined by the hardness of the water in the area.

The routine use of an acid bowl cleaner is not recommended unless hard water deposits are present or where, as a result of not cleaning on a routine basis, a build-up results.

You may only need to use an acid bowl cleaner once a week, once a month or perhaps, in some areas, once every other day. Increase or decrease depending on the results.

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