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Toilet issues and more.

Over two billion people have no sanitary facilities nor have access to public restrooms. There are some very interesting and promising initiatives to address this big problem. Another problem, however, is the use of the public restrooms in airports, shopping centers, railway stations and hotels. About the use of toilets at home no statistics are available. From the use public restrooms in the world also no statistics are available. So all comments and data are from my own perception. Therefore a self-appointed expert is in charge here.

The interest in design, innovation, logistics and cleaning maintenance of restrooms is from a purely technical background. This is to prevent that readers might think that there is a bad deviation to be detected.

The use of urinals anywhere in the world shows structural leakage problems in stool channels, in this case, the penis.

It does not matter what form, quality or scope of the urinals, there are always remnants of urine on the floor. Part of this leakage is caused by a hasty use, the inability to open the zipper and or body technical aspects. The embedded targets fly in urinals, an idea of Jos van Bedaf from the innovation committee cleaning of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, shows only a partial solution. It is a difficult issue.

The ordinary user only has to deal with the circumstance that the urine on the floor is sucked in his leather soles, where it does not hurt however.

But there is more. In the privacy of the toilet are more issues to resolve besides the necessary relief. Those familiar with ‘ass showers’ (in Eastern countries) are desperate limited to the use of toilet paper. The transpiration increases once it is established that the roll is empty and a new one will only emerge with the use of a screwdriver. The fountain pen is a helpful tool but thereafter not workable as a fountain pen again. That the toilet, the flush button and the door handle is equipped with fecal matter is known to you, but being a healthy person you do not expect life-threatening problems, which is a correct estimate.

The seclusion in a toilet cell makes you realize the restriction of being locked up in a body. A body that, to your understanding, could have been better designed and developed. The guilt stemming from the idea of separation from the One, which resulted in the idea of an identity of our own, registers in our consciousness but cannot be answered. This is due to the fact that the knowledge on this subject is contained within a portion of the mind that we do not dare to look at. If we regard this as a problem, can we also solve it? Absolutely!

But first finish the toilet procedure, wash your hands, use paper towels, do not use old type hand dryers and use a paper towel to open the restroom door. Then continue with the chosen program for this day.

For more information and advice on toilet design, logistics, quality and cleaning, but also about the spirituality in the last paragraph please mail to:

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This article was translated with the help of Google Translate, the remaining errors are mine.

Hans Westerveld, CFM

Cleaning Works

Advise on Cleaning Issues

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