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An innovative approach for the organization and management of technical maintenance

In Process Regie Concept: transparency for clients of technical maintenance

The genesis of the InPRC. Procurement and facility management wondered: what have we actually been delivered, except invoices, quality reports, complaints and corrective actions based on defects found by us. They asked the supplier, but they could not produce more than invoices, quality reports and hours lists not related to a system. Suppliers of technical services apparently have a ‘black box’ and do not seem to know what is actually being delivered, thus summarized:

Clients do not know what they get delivered

Contractors do not know what they deliver

What is delivered are invoices, quality records, hours list where available

What, where, when and how is not known

Reports often on individual coupon books

Based on complaints and audits, corrective action is required

Evaluation is based on assumptions, complaints, incidents and the quality of the contractor-client relationship

Reason for solution: current issues technical services

No grip on actual time spent

No stable grip on quality

Low motivation and commitment technician

What is needed?

Control Mechanism (directing) for organizations and technical service providers

Solution where technical maintenance quantitatively and qualitatively is measurable

Technical assistant central link in quality process

Introduction InPRC system

InPRC solves problems existing with maintenance services

Grip on actual time spent

Stable grip on quality

Increase employee motivation and commitment maintenance

What is the influence of InPRC the technical service?

Control Mechanism, know when, where and at any time

Produces insight in the quantity and the quality of the technical maintenance

Direct labor (and time) registration

Mechanic is the central link in the quality process

InPRC, the approach

The central role of the maintenance employee

Each service point in the building will get an unique barcode

The starting point is a computer with internet access (at work or home address)

Mechanic registers on the computer with a ‘scanner’ and name / employee number

Mechanic logs with his scanner in on the barcode of the installation

Selects maintenance, performs and records his services and any deviations. For this he uses a list with unique barcodes that represents the service activities, possible deviations and additional details

Logs off at the same barcode and proceeds to the next installation

After contract time the technician logs off on the computer

All data will be automatically forwarded to the client, the contractor and the central database

Results and catch

It is an appeal to the knowledge and experience of the mechanic

Technician determines with the ‘scanner’ the (required) maintenance programs

Bycatch: mechanic registers any deviation in and around installations and rooms

Disturbances are immediately brought to the attention of the parties

Own ‘benchmarking’ and ‘data mining’ performance

The position of the mechanic

Psychology: Employee needs: competence (recognition), and autonomy (social) connection. Cooperation leads to social capital. Social exchange (compliments, fill yourself task, in the task space)

Any pressure issues (now elusive) is visualized in InPRC

Scaling ‘Foot Soldier’ ​​role to (appreciated) craftsman, develop creativity

From performer of maintenance to:

Craftsman with his experience determines what technical maintenance he is going to perform, uses his knowledge to register any deviation, knowing that this information is automatically received and will be used for further action bij supplier or client.

InPRC Quality inspection / Assessment technical maintenance, using the same ‘scanner’ system with a set of barcodes that represent the levels of quality




Inspection with client representative

Data mining, benchmarking and reporting

With more buildings and plants recorded in the InPRC system gradually a reliable database will emerge:

Extensive reporting capabilities

Reliable data of the technical maintenance per installation

Employee performance

Maintenance performance and choice of maintenance per room installation

Benefits Contractor

New calculations for bids can be based on real and actual data instead of “market” standards

Benchmarking: Compare Performance in similar customer premises

Up-to-date reports and ‘up to date’ archiving at client and project level

Benchmarking: Compare performance of employees for optional ‘bonus / reward system “or” employee of the month’ system

Results are shared which creates transparency and the dissappearing of any possible distrust in customer relations

Client Benefits

Quotations are based on real and actual data instead of “market” standards

Hours contracts can be compared to the contract agreements

‘Result’ contracts can be measured with the performance and delivered quality

All information concerning the implementation on site, as well as deviations detected and details are at the end of each working day available

‘Up to date’ reports and ‘up to date’ archiving

Results are shared with the client, allowing full transparency

InPRC server and data center

The individual client systems are maintained at the InPRC server, data access is restricted to clients. Data files are not made available to third parties or used commercially

For more information and presentations please contact Hans Westerveld, or phone +31 6 55771777.

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