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Promoting the environment in Jakarta by savings on water, energy and by reducing C02 emissions.

The International Hotel Association

To the attention to the Chairman

Amsterdam, the 20th of September 2013.

Subject: Promoting the environment in the capital by savings on water, energy and by reducing carbon (C02) emissions.

Dear Sir,

The International Hotel Association represents about 40 major hotels in your city. The hotels have their own shareholders, their own management and their own objectives. Is it a correct statement that the association acts as an industry club or as a service club? The members are part of this larger body, however they are totally independent and free to maintain their own policy. In the context of the association it will be imperative that only a few goals can be shared.

Hopefully a project to reduce the impact from the hotel operations on the environment in the city might be a goal that can be shared by many members of the International Hotel Association. Implicitly it can also lead to a great promotion of the association.

In order to explain this possibility we have prepared some figures. We made an estimation of the use of shower water in the 40 hotels from the International Hotel Association. 40 hotels with an average of 400 rooms have an estimate total of 16,000 rooms. We assume an occupancy of 70 % during 365 days which results in a total of 4,088.000 times per year that a hotel room is used. We assume that the rooms are used by one person who uses the shower one time in the evening and one time in the morning with a total of 10 minutes shower time.

A hotel shower delivers 15 liters of water per minute and when a restrictor is installed about 10 to 12 liters per minute. We make the calculation estimate as follows:

Total of hotel rooms used per year x occupancy of 70 % x minutes of shower use x liters of shower water per minute. In figures: 5,840.000 x 0.70 = 4,088.000 x 10 x 10 = 408.800.000 liters of water (408 million).

The International Hotel Association could propose to its members to adopt a ‘five year’ plan that will result in a dramatic reduction of the use of shower water. In a ‘five year’ plan it gives every hotel the opportunity to implement the new showerheads in a maintenance schedule that fits into their long-term planning.

With the new shower head systems, and of course we would like to promote our unique Oxygenics/Ecoshower systems, the use of shower water can be reduced with an estimate total of 163,520.000 liters of water per year. By the way with our shower head systems the experience of a shower remains perfect due to the supply of oxygen into the waterflow.

The benefits for the International Hotel Association includes the possibility of a major public relations activity regarding the ‘five year’ plan to reduce the use of the resources of the earth by its members and a promotion for the association itself.

The member hotels benefit first with a return of investment in less than a year and secondly with the yearly returning savings of the costs of water, the costs of heating shower water and their contribution to reduce carbon (C02).

With the estimated savings of the costs of water for the 40 hotels (163,520.000 x IDR 12,550 per 1000 liters = in US $ 210,563,45, the estimate savings on the cost of heating water = US $ 437,360 and the carbon reduction about 2,321.984 kg C02) we believe that the International Hotel Association has the opportunity to combine a good cause, the reduce of use of the earth’s resources and a strong reduction of the carbon emissions, with the savings on costs for its members.

Perhaps it is a good proposal to set up a commission which can further sharpen the calculations and to explore the possibillity to work together and to develop opportunities and discounts.

We keep ourselves available for further information.

Best Regards,

Cleaning Works

Advice on Cleaning Issues

Hans Westerveld, cfm



Mobile: + 31 6 55 771 777

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