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Keyboards, Remote Controls, Buffet en Restroom Contamination

What are the similarities between: Keyboard of a computer, Your computer keyboard, Handles of a cart, Handles of luggage, Remote control at home, Remote control elsewhere, Audio / video selector on a plane and Faucets, flush handles, door handles in restrooms?

First similarity: All mentioned components are seldom clean or never get cleaned.

Second similarity: All mentioned components contain attached dirt. This attached dirt may consist of: feces, semen, blood, nose residue, skin oil, sweat and other dirt.

Okay, so what, I wash my hands before I go get a meal!

What about your meal in buffet style. We can assume that the cutlery has passed the dishwasher and that the catering staff has washed their hands. However, you are not alone in holding the spoons and forks to fill your plate! The later you enjoy this buffet the greater is the likelihood that these components show dirt.

However, “show” is an incorrect term here, at the most you feel stickiness and experience the urge to wash your hands. The table edge or the chair which you touch accidentally you feel that they have not been cleaned recently, the confirmation you will show when you carefully look at these parts.

If, after so much unpleasant inspiration, urges arise to wash your hands in the toilets, remember the golden rule: “after washing your hands do not touch faucet, door or flush buttons, because otherwise you might be better of with not washing your hands. In summary, thoroughly hand washing, dry with paper towel, then close the tap with the paper. No paper available? Don’t dry your hands at all. Leave the restroom without touching anything.

Why this advice? The cleaning program will surely include cleaning these parts? Certainly, however without supervision there is no guarantee that it happens! Moreover, it is not easy to check or measure that the cleaning and disinfection of these components have been carried out.

Is this all dangerous to human health? Exception of bacteria and viruses that the WHO has declared as highly contagious it is not so bad. Your body has developed a fantastic ‘immune’ system in the last million years for anything foreign. The countless and constant attacks at the skin, mouth and wounds on your physical integrity are brilliantly approached by this system.

The quality of the ‘acid’ in the stomach notes with pleasure the challenge of the shawarma sandwich you decided to swallow, the meat itself full of living bacteria moving them selves around the heating carousel.

In a situation when you stomach protection cannot cope with the new arrivals, at most the stool, instead of the usual color and firmness, shall appear by means of a rapid, often unannounced, blast and ruin the entire toilet area.

The relief on your part makes you feel much better and a professional cleaner sees no problem to get the cleaning job done. Ready for next use. Have a good Day!

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