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Okay, Let me introduce myself. When I walked the earth in one of my dreamed lives I was called Joost. Born around 1811. The family continued with my son Willem in 1857, his son Marinus in 1892 and his son Cees in 1924. Johan arrived in 1947 and he still believes he is in a body. I call him Junior junior.

I know little of LinkedIn, let alone Facebook and Instagram, but I know that Junior Junior has an appearance in these virtual worlds. A virtual world I do understand, being myself in an awareness between dreamed incarnations. Is this Heaven? Well not exactly, there has more work to be done to in order to reach that all-encompassing state of Love, which is Knowledge.

I love Junior Junior, as I have learned to love every living entity, and I advise him about spiritual issues and trivial matters, the latter being only projections. We have fun. I hope you have fun too! If you do not have fun it is just because you have made a decision not to be happy. If you think that this is a frivolous statement, let it be.

I am not saying that Junior Junior always is a happy traveler. He still has people in his environment he does not like and judge then as being stupid, accuses them of megalomania, dislikes them for many other things. The issue for him is however that he knows that judging others means judging himself, because there is only one Son of God, even when it seems that He has split himself into billions of separated lives.

Don’t think that I have all the answers or that I have Knowledge, It is just that I remind Junior Junior to bring his issues to HS (Holy Spirit) and await His Answer. Easy job. About the trivial matters, yes I have to remind him that these seem to happen however they are only outsourced and projected thoughts of his mind. Its an ego thing. The world was made up by it. So the world is an effect, not a cause. As the world is an effect, you cannot change it. The cause is in the mind, there you can make a change and decide to look different at the world.

Junior Junior does his forgiveness lessons, not every moment and even not every day, but he is learning. That is an advantage. It is the fastest way to minimize the influence of the ego and ultimately, in this or a next dreamed life to get rid of it.

Jesus says that the only difference between you and Him is that you have an ego. Which means that He has no limitations in communication and creating, which is the same. Where we rely on our own projections which we observe and judge on this basis, He has Knowledge. You want to know how He accomplished this? Many of us just don’t want to know, motivated by their ego itself which knows the answers constitute a threat to its existence. That should be the only real conflict you should address.

Are you going to do that? Unlikely! But what you could do is read, or better study, a Course in Miracles. Eventually you will understand that this is a healthy advice.

In the mean time I will continue advising junior junior and it may bring you new thoughts as well.

May you experience interesting times..

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