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It is with great difficulty that I can control myself not to dig up my tomahawk and go to war. Ministers (the word alone already implies ‘less or small’), advisers with a share package and other liars who work for competitive parishes. Okay, have I named them all? Just in time the question arises: What is it for? Ultimately it is for forgiveness. But how do we get there?

The Great Personal Reset

Okay, there seems to be a major “Great Reset” taking place. Conceived in Davos or not. With the convenient reason with a bat as patient zero or as a fluff of misery from a Chinese laboratory. A document entitled “Build Back Better” is found at many top government desks around the world. The content will not be released in a press conference. In short, sufficient material to suspect a conspiracy. But we are not going to do this. A thought of “Fukkum” did develop but was neglected as it does not reflect forgiveness.

Instead of the “Great Reset” we can start working on the “Great Personal Reset”. That concerns ourselves. We remain of course alert and caring for family, friends and others. We comfort and help where we can. But it is also about time, in addition to paying attention to the world, to focus our attention inwards. Meaning to our own inner world.

Religion is an option; many are engaged in this and should therefore just continue with it. It is regrettable that belief in a belief in one of the religions does not immediately produce the result of inner peace or enlightenment desired by the practitioner. Unless the starting point chosen here consists of misery and other suffering to compensate for ingrained feelings of guilt. The misery of guilt is compounded by the fact that we have no idea what the cause could be. There is no guilt either, and you will soon find out why.

Your ego has already figured out this is going wrong at this point. The ego, as part of your thinking activities, already sees the corpse floating. This of course in a figurative sense, but unfortunately this will be confirmed in the long term. It realizes that if you really go to your own “reset” you will also look at the ego aspect and come to new insights. It appears that you receive a signal from the ego to stop reading. After all, you want to continue to exist as an autonomous individual.

All are called, but few choose to listen.

The decision is yours!

Read: “The Disappearance of the Universe,” by Gary Renard

Gary comes into contact with two apparitions that show him a path that results in a completely new view of the world. In fact, it is a linear representation of the symphonic structure of “A Course in Miracles”. See below.

Read: “Consciousness as the Only Reality,” by Rupert Spira

Rupert Spira lived and studied in India. He discovered, also after being guided by other teachers, that there must be a “direct way” to our origin. Not meditating for thirty years, but simply choosing the “direct path” with our rational thinking of today.

Reading and Studying: A Course in Miracles

In preparation perhaps read the book by Dr. Kenneth Wapnick

“The Message of a Course in Miracles.” Any further advice is superfluous!

John Lennon’s: “A splendid time is ultimately guaranteed for all”. “Ultimately” is my addition.

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