Workshop about choosing a different path.

Gates and Bezos divorced, and together it cost them about 100 billion dollars.

The real reason for these decisions, however, is not a new younger female, another attraction, or a disruption… at the core, it’s not what they tell themselves it is. 

What we want to emphasize is that their marriages, the real estate, the yachts, the foundations, and their business reputations were not enough to keep them happy and in peace. We state that in this world it is impossible to be happy and in peace all the time. Our egos simply won’t allow it. For if we would be in peace and without judgment and fear all the time, we’d look inside at the ego and recognize who we really are instead of an identification with our egos. We would realize that we do not want this anymore and choose differently. 

However, for its defense our ego’s want us constantly to pursue new goals and happiness which in the end we will not find. After one problem is solved a new one appears. And a major ego defense is our special love- and hate relationships, often represented in the same person. We’ll keep distracting ourselves until the pain gets too much and we exclaim that there must be a better way.

Are we going to look for another younger female, male, business, a real estate on a beach to look for our happiness which in the end we will not find or should we choose a different path? In our workshop: ‘With a different perspective on stress toward lasting inner peace’ you’ll experience the integration of psychology, spirituality and quantum physics (according to A Course in Miracles) in a one-day workshop, aimed at transforming stress into lasting inner peace that cannot be disturbed by anything and allows you to make a better decision on who you want to be and in effect already really are.

After the workshop in September in The Netherlands (in the Dutch language) our second one-day workshop (in the English language) will be held in November 2021 in the Savoy Hotel in London. The costs for participation per person are € 875,00, VAT excluded.

For more information, please send an e-mail to

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