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Are we traveling in the right way or staying on the wrong path, in the wrong direction?

Our egos are not our friends. We state that in this world it is impossible to be happy and in peace all the time. Our egos simply won’t allow it. For if we would be in peace and without judgment and without fear all the time, we’d look inside at the ego and recognize who we really are instead of an identification with our egos. 

However, for its defense our ego’s want us constantly to pursue new goals and happiness which in the end we will not find. After one problem is solved a new one appears. And a major ego defense is our special love- and hate relations, often represented in the same person. We’ll keep distracting ourselves until the pain gets too much and we exclaim that there must be a better way.

The good news is that we are not our ego’s, we just made the mistake to identify with its thought system. In the decision-making part of our Mind we could choose differently. However our egos have made us ‘mindless’ which means that even the question about our minds cannot be asked. So we have been limited in bodies and do not know that we have a mind. 

In our workshop: ‘With a different perspective on stress toward lasting inner peace’ you’ll experience the integration of psychology, spirituality and quantum physics (according to A Course in Miracles) in a one-day workshop, aimed at transforming stress into lasting inner peace that cannot be disturbed by anything and allows you to make a better decision on who you want to be and in effect already really are. As a by-catch, but most importantly, you will experience yourself as who you really are instead of a limited body with an ego who blocked the awareness of the decision making part of your mind. 

Our workshop on the 24th of September in The Netherlands (in the Dutch language) provides all you need to know and gives you an outlook on a different world. You keep pursuing your goals but at the same time you have an understanding about the real world where the ideas of sin, guilt, punishment and fear are left behind. The costs for participation per person are € 449,00, VAT excluded.

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