Triangle Cleaner-Client-Cleaningcompany and InPRC

InProcesRegieConcept (InPRC) is Software as a Service (SAAS). Cleaner Expert, central in the work practice Use of knowledge and experience Registration of activities Registration details and disruptions (optional) Personal Rating Points Principal Customer Conditions for Best Value Approach Transparency Assessments Cover legal risks pretense Reports particularities and disturbances Reporting of actual maintenance costs Knowledge of … Meer lezen over Triangle Cleaner-Client-Cleaningcompany and InPRC

Toilet issues and more.

Over two billion people have no sanitary facilities nor have access to public restrooms. There are some very interesting and promising initiatives to address this big problem. Another problem, however, is the use of the public restrooms in airports, shopping centers, railway stations and hotels. About the use of toilets at home no statistics are … Meer lezen over Toilet issues and more.

Schoonmaken is mensenwerk

We hebben het allemaal al voorbij zien komen en dat zal wel zo blijven ook. De kreten, de spandoeken, de slogans, de commissies, de platforms, de mee eters van de pers, de columnisten, de schoonmaken is een vak ‘claim’, het geëiste schoonmaak-respect, de opruim zwervers tegen een hongerloon, het platform voor schoonmaak professionals, een meldpunt … Meer lezen over Schoonmaken is mensenwerk

Professional cleaning of (public) toilets

Material Required Professional cleaning cart with mop system. Rubber gloves. EPA registered cleaner/disinfectant. Glass cleaner (yellow) Restrooms closed sign. Toilet brush. Scourer. Red sanitary cloths (blue ones are used for other cleaning tasks). Stock of toilet paper, paper towels/ cloth towels and hand soap. Pencil and paper. Procedure  Wear rubber gloves before you start cleaning … Meer lezen over Professional cleaning of (public) toilets

Touching is fun but not always without consequences.

What are the similarities between: Computer keyboard in your office Computer keyboard at home Handles of a basket Handles of a luggage cart Remote Operator home Remote Operator elsewhere Audio / Video selector on a plane Taps, flush handles, door knobs in toilets First similarity: All items listed are rarely cleaned. Second similarity: All items … Meer lezen over Touching is fun but not always without consequences.